YGAM Appeals To The Sector For Education

The Youth Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust has warned the government that education is crucial in terms of preventing gambling damage and protecting future generations. 711Kelab online gambling This is part of the request for evidence for the reform of the Gambling Act by the charity to the Digital, Cultural, https://www.kelab88.com/sg/en-us/ Media and Sport Department, which cautions that “training is more relevant than ever because of changes in legislation.’

Announcement of statutory 

YGAM said it needs to concentrate on gambling risk to the same degree as other public health concerns like alcohol and medicines, and calls for study, prevention and care reform by expanded funding and a long-term approach that promotes current efforts and encourages innovative ideas. It also requested significant involvement by the Ministry of Health and Social Care and Education and declared funding for a mandatory levy.


YGAM has said that the gambling industry “needs to do even better to protect customers” and warned that “regulations need to be changed to maintain the momentum of digital innovation.” The charity says: “Young people grow up in an increasingly online environment that must mitigate the emerging risks. Education is an important instrument for tackling a vast variety of social problems and gambling damage definitely does. Prevention is safer than recovery, and education does this.

Announcement made 

“An examination of the Gambling Act represents a much-needed incentive for the law to catch up as well as a chance to highlight the continued success in educating and safeguarding future generations,” said James Matthewson, Publicity and Communications Manager at YGAM.

As an education charity, we do not appear to have the ability to respond to the majority of these complex policy decisions. This study will examine all facets of legislation and We think it should be the main priority of any conclusion of this study to keep our young people safe. Prevention is a better option than care and we want official recognition of the importance of education.

After the horrific gambling history of Lee, Anne and Keith, the charity was set up in 2014. Watch the stories of our founders to learn about the effect of gambling on life, and why they are so fond of protecting young and disadvantaged people. The fully owned subsidiary of YGAM offers assured training courses to City & Guilds to those working on customer roles in the gambling industry. The charity receives 100 percent of the profits.

What do they do

YGAM is a national charity with a social objective to inform, train, protect and strengthen the digital resilience of young and disabled people. The YGAM is a national charity. Help them make better choices and consider the implications of games and play.

This can be accomplished by evidence-led, evaluated and secured programmes and services for all individuals, including students, young workers, community volunteers and psychological professionals, who collaborate with or care for young and disadvantaged people. YGAM works actively with universities and students in order to increase awareness on campus about problems with games.

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